Introduction to Wine

Entertaining & educational 2 ½ hours presentation on wine appreciation, with an emphasis on aromas & flavours found in the various wine styles.

  • Have confidence choosing different wines
  • Understand a restaurant wine list
  • Decipher a wine label & wine jargon
Details of the package:
  • Entertaining & educational 2 ½ hours presentation on exploring various grape varieties and what wines are currently in vogue.
  • Strategies on how to taste wine properly.
  • Tasting between 6 – 8 high quality wines from sparkling to full bodied red wines and all in between.
  • Learning about the various major grape varieties & major wine growing regions.
  • Learning about a range of styles of wines and various production methods.
  • Introduction to food & wine pairing.
  • Tasting notes on each of the wines.
  • Interactive Q & A session/ Facts v Fiction.


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