Access to Live Virtual Tastings & Case of Wine & Online Wine Course


Join our friendly wine-loving community! If you would love to enhance and shortcut learning about wine, you are welcome to attend our member-only regular themed virtual tastings and Q & A calls. 

Every month we will host BYOB (Bring your own bottle) themed virtual wine tastings. They will be held on the third Friday of each month at 8 pm and will last approx. 90 minutes. We will send out a list of wine recommendations that you can purchase if you wish. 

As part of this offer, you will also receive a case of 6 bottles of wine, which were specially selected and classic examples of the major grape varieties.

That is not all – you will receive LIFETIME access to our ‘Back to Basics’ wine appreciation VBook course and Ebook series.

“What a fab way to spend an evening! I was expecting wine snobs but got the most wonderful and interesting group of people who made me feel really welcome. Lynda is a fun and knowledgeable host. Learned really handy tips and can’t wait to go back.” Michelle ( a new happy customer)

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Do you know the best way to learn about wine?

The secret – it is tasting wine with like-minded people.

Join our monthly LIVE BYOB virtual wine tasting experiences.

In the comfort of your home you will gain;

  • Access to live monthly BYOB virtual tastings via Zoom (annual subscription April – December 2021)
  • Guided through a specific wine theme and tasting
  • All your wine-related questions answered
  • Peer learning community
  • An enjoyable, relaxing, educational evening learning about wine with like-minded people.

How it works –

  • An email will be sent out in advance for you to ‘Save the Date’ ( usually the third Friday of the month at 8 pm for approx 90 minutes)
  • You will receive a list of wine recommendations for you to purchase for the tasting (optional)
  • Join us on the Zoom call and you will have a chance to ask any wine-related questions

If you have any other queries pop me an email at

You will also receive a case of 6 bottles of specially selected delicious wines delivered to your door. Bonus you will get lifetime access to our ‘Back to Basics’ wine appreciation video book course which is packed with 15+ bite-sized videos and tutorials to help you learn more about wine.


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